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Engineered Platelets for Additive Manufacturing: 11,192,184


The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for producing a metal-containing powder useful for additive manufacturing. The metal-containing powder includes a plurality of metal-containing platelets having a defined physical geometry and a defined aspect ratio. The metal platelets may be produced by depositing a metal layer on a substrate that includes one or more recessed or raised surface features. The one or more recessed or raised surface features create a fracture pattern in a metal layer deposited across at least a portion of the one or more surface features. By separating the metal layer from the substrate and fracturing the metal layer along the fracture pattern, a plurality of metal platelets are produced. In some embodiments, a release agent may be disposed between the metal layer and the substrate to facilitate the separation of the metal layer from the substrate.

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Vasiliki Z. Poenitzch, Randy L. McKnight, Carl F. Popelar, Michael A. Miller, John H. Macha, Kent E. Coulter