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Expandable Articulating Intervertebral Implant: 8,118,871


An articulating expandable intervertebral implant is described. The articulating expandable intervertebral implant includes an upper body that engages a first vertebra of the human spine, a lower body that engages a second vertebra of the human spine, an insert, and an advancing element. In some embodiments, the upper body includes an upper portion and a lower portion that are configured to articulate with respect to each other. The advancing element may be configured to engage the insert such that advancement of the advancing element causes the insert to at least partially rotate between the upper body and the lower body. Rotation of the insert may cause the insert to interact with at least a portion of the upper body or the lower body to increase a height of the intervertebral implant and/or to allow articulation of the intervertebral implant after insertion of the intervertebral implant between the vertebrae.

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Charles R. Gordon; Corey T. Harbold; Heather S. Hanson