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Expandable Tubulars for Use in Geologic Structures: 8,800,650


An expandable tubular includes a plurality of leaves formed from sheet material that have curved surfaces. The leaves extend around a portion or fully around the diameter of the tubular structure. Some of the adjacent leaves of the tubular are coupled together. The tubular is compressed to a smaller diameter so that it can be inserted through previously deployed tubular assemblies. Once the tubular is properly positioned, it is deployed and coupled or not coupled to a previously deployed tubular assembly. The tubular is useful for all types of wells and boreholes.

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Jeffery A. Spray; Steven Svedeman; David Walter; Peter Mckeighan; Shane Siebenaler; Peter Dewhurst; Steven Hobson; Doug Foss; Holger Wirz; Aaron Sharpe; Michael Apostal