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Fast Acting Exhaust Gas Recirculation System: 6,138,649


A system is provided for rapidly changing the flow of recirculated exhaust gas to each cylinder of an internal combustion engine operating on diesel fuel or other fuels. The system preferably includes an exhaust gas recirculation line having an exhaust gas recirculation pump along with a reservoir and cooler for storing a desired volume of recirculated exhaust gas.Recirculated exhaust gas is preferably supplied from the reservoir to each cylinder of the associated engine through respective recirculated exhaust gas conduits. A metering valve is preferably disposed within each recirculated exhaust gas conduit immediately adjacent to each cylinder. The metering valves provide uniform distribution of recirculated exhaust gas to the respective cylinders and allow the system to rapidly change the flow of recirculated exhaust gas to each cylinder. The system provides recirculated exhaust gas at a point close to the combustion chamber where it is needed for effective reduction of undesirable NO.sub.x emissions.

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Magdi K. Khair; Christopher A. Sharp