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Filament System for Delivering a Medicament and Method: 5,167,962


A filament system for delivery of a medicament in the intestine comprised of a material having the medicament contained therein which is coiled for ease in ingestion and to prevent uncoiling until the filament reaches the intestine. Once the coiled filament reaches the intestine and uncoils, the medicament is released therefrom. The filament is preferably comprised of a material which is water insoluble, semipermeable, enteric, or bioerodible to facilitate release of the medicament, and is provided with or comprised of a bioadhesive for retarding the passage of the filament through the intestine once uncoiled, with the result that therapeutically effective dosage levels are substained for relatively long periods of time.

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Chel W. Lew; Jack D. Trevino