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Fire Pouch: 4,992,310


A fire pouch is provided for protecting flammable documents from both fire and water damage. The fire pouch includes a thin pliable water-type exterior container which houses a gelled water material to absorb thermal energy during the fire. The fire pouch further comprises a hydrated intumescent material layer which is secured to the exterior container, and both absorbs thermal energy and intumesce during a fire to produce a foam layer which provides substantially increased fire protection. The gelled water layer and the hydrated intumescent material layer form a relatively thin pliable rectangular-shaped blanket having a seam which divides the blanket into a base portion and a cover portion. The blanket unfolds by bending substantially along the seams to receive the flammable documents, and folds into its protective position such that the documents are sandwiched between the based portion and the covered portion to protect the docments during a fire.

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Gabriel M. Geib; William A. Mallow; Scott Stropkay