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Fueling Systems, Methods and Apparatus for an Internal Combustion Engine: 8,996,282


The present disclosure provides a method to operate an internal combustion engine comprising storing a fueling command map having fueling index values, each of the fueling index values defining values for a plurality of fueling parameters, and a plurality of predetermined non-linear relationships that directly relate fueling index values to in-cylinder oxygen mass values; determining a temporary fueling index value; determining an in-cylinder oxygen mass value; identifying a predetermined relationship that directly relates fueling index values to in-cylinder oxygen mass values from the plurality of predetermined relationships to provide an identified predetermined relationship; determining that a current relationship of the temporary fueling index value to the calculated oxygen mass value differs from the identified predetermined relationship; and adjusting the temporary fueling index value using at least one fueling correction model to provide a revised fueling index value that approaches the identified predetermined relationship.

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Shizuo Sasaki; Vikram N. Iyengar; Jayant V. Sarlashkar; Gary D. Neely