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Gas Pumping System Analog: 4,559,610


A system for electrically simulating the acoustical properties of a fluid transfer system including an electrical circuit for simulating the acoustic properties of fluid piping and an electrical circuit coupled to the fluid piping circuit for electrically simulating the acoustical properties of fluid transfer through at least one cylinder of a reciprocating compressor wherein the reciprocating compressor simulation circuitry includes a variable capacitor that simulates a change of volume and pressure within the compressor by varying the magnitude of capacitance. The system also includes the means for electrically simulating the acoustic properties of a centrifugal compressor including a variable capacitor for simulating flow through the compressor. This system further includes an output circuit for displaying the operational parameters of the system. One embodiment includes a central processing unit that provides for the loading of memories for supplying operational data to the reciprocating compressor simulation circuits and the centrifugal compressor circuits and receives the resulting data measured from these system circuits to compute the acoustic operational parameters for the system for display.

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Cecil R. Sparks; Carl E. Edlund; Morton E. Brown