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Hand-Held Environmental Monitor: 6,111,501


A hand-held monitor (10) for monitoring environmental or physiological conditions affecting the user. The monitor (10) has a main housing (10a) and a sensor module (10b). The sensor module (10b) has a plurality of sensors (33-36) extending from it. The sensor module (10b) is generally cylindrical in shape and rests in a curved cradle (14c) of the main housing (10a). This permits the sensor module (10b) to rotate between a position in which the sensors are deployed and extend outwardly from the main housing (10a), and a position in which the sensors rest in the main housing (10a). The main housing (10a) contains processor-based electronics circuitry (50) for processing the data acquired by the sensors. The sensor module (10b) contains sensor electronics circuitry (60), including all circuitry unique to the sensors, and is easily detachable from the main housing (10a). This permits sensor modules having the same or different sensors to be easily interchanged.

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Kevin S. Honeyager; Terrie L. McDaniel; Larry D. Canady