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Hardware-Implemented Hypervisor for Root-of-Trust Monitoring and Control of Computer System: 8,458,791


A system and method for modifying a processor system with hypervisor hardware to provide protection against malware. The processor system is assumed to be of a type having at least a CPU and a high-speed bus for providing data links between the CPU, other bus masters, and peripherals (including a debug interface unit). The hypervisor hardware elements are (1) a co-processor programmed to perform one or more security tasks; (2) a communications interface between the co-processor and the debug interface unit; (3) a behavioral interface on the high-speed bus, configured to monitor control signals from the CPU, and (4) an access controller on the high-speed bus, configured to store access control data, to intercept requests on the high-speed bus, to evaluate the requests against the access control data, and to grant or deny the requests.

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Tam T Do; Michael D. Le May; Galen A. Rasche; Ben A. Abbott