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Implantable System for Cell Growth Control: 5,964,745


An implantable infection shield and system for drug delivery in vascular tissue includes a relatively non-biodegradable porous linked fibrous biomaterial which controls and directs cell growth and angiogenesis from adjacent vascular tissue into the implant. Infection shield embodiments stimulate cell growth and angiogenesis from adjacent vascular tissue which effectively blocks passage of pathogenic microorganisms along percutaneously implanted objects. In embodiments for drug delivery, a reservoir of the same biomaterial may contain either (1) a cell culture system enclosed within a porous sealable interior chamber or (2) a biodegradable matrix in which one or more drugs are dispersed. After implantation of a reservoir of the first embodiment in an organism, cultured cells obtain food and oxygen via diffusion in tissue fluid through the porous walls of the interior chamber, while metabolic products, including drugs, diffuse away from the cell culture in an analogous manner. In a reservoir of the second embodiment, a biodegradable matrix substantially fills the pores (voids), and progressive dissolution of the matrix releases one or more drugs into surrounding tissue fluid. Reservoirs of either embodiment comprise a plurality of voids of a predetermined size effective for stimulating angiogenesis from the surrounding vascular tissue into at least a portion of the reservoir. The reservoir thus acts to couple a source of drugs to the circulatory system of the organism.

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Mark B. Lyles; Charles A. McLaughlin; Glenn A. Halff; William A. Mallow