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Internal Combustion Engine Valve Control Device: 5,193,495


The present invention is a valve control device (10) for an internal combustion engine (12). It comprises a housing (18) having a piston chamber (20), in which is mounted a power piston (22) for reciprocating movement. The power piston (22) is connected to the engine valve (26). An air reservoir chamber (62) connected to a high pressure air source (74), is formed above the piston chamber (20). A poppet valve (42) mounted on the upper surface of the power piston (22) blocks communication between the piston chamber (20) and the air reservoir chamber (62) when the power piston (22) is in its highest position. The air source (74) is also connectred to the upper portion of the piston chamber (20) through a timing valve (76), which controls flow of air to the piston chamber (20).

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Charles D. Wood, III