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Liposomal Statin Formulation: 10,716,758


A method of preparing liposomal statins includes preparing a lipid solution including phosphatidylcholine, cholesterol, vitamin-E and an organic solvent and removing the solvent, forming a lipid cake. The lipid cake may then be hydrated with a first aqueous media. The hydrated cake may be mixed in a mixer and subjected to one or more freeze/thaw cycles and then extruded to form liposomes. A cryo-protective agent may be added to the liposomes and the liposomes may be lyophilized to provide a powder. A statin is added to the organic lipid solution or to the first aqueous media used for hydrating the lipid cake. 

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XingGuo Cheng; Thomas A. Mustoe; Robert D. Galiano; Seok Jong Hong; Ping Xie; Shengxian Jia