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Machine Vision Systems and Methods for Analysis and Tracking of Strain in Deformable Materials: 9,218,660


A method and system for analysis of a viscoelastic response in a deformable material. The system includes a light source configured to provide linearly polarized light and a polariscope configured to receive said linearly polarized light and to generate an image associated with a viscoelastic response of said deformable material. The system also includes a machine vision system configured to operate on the image to locate the response on the deformable material and to classify the response as one of a plurality of predefined types of responses. A display may then be provide that is configured to provide feedback of the location of the viscoelastic response and classification of the response to a user of said system.

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John T. Carrola Jr.; Warren Carl Couvillion Jr.; Susan M. Porter; David R. Chambers; Christopher J. Guerra