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Mapping of Metallic Conductors by Applying Radar Imaging Techniques to Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry Returns: 10,365,315


A method for locating an anomaly in a distribution circuit including utility power lines includes coupling a radio frequency energy source to the utility power lines, transmitting chirped radio frequency signals into the utility power lines, receiving and digitizing/analyzing signals reflected from the chirped signals by impedance mismatches caused by components and features of the distribution circuit, and generating from the digitized signals of multiple sets of the chirped radio frequency signals a reference data set identifying at least the locations of at least some of the components and features of the distribution circuit. Later sets of the chirped radio frequency signals are transmitted into the utility power lines and signals reflected from the sets of chirped signals are received and digitized and are compared with the reference data set to determine if there are anomalies on the distribution circuit. 

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Sean Mitchem; Jake Casey-Snyder; Ben Abbott; Yaxi Liu; Christopher M. Huff; Bryan Pham