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Measurement of Torsional Dynamics of Rotating Shafts Using Magnetostrictive Sensors: 6,779,409


A device and method for the non-contact measurement of dynamic torsion in a rotating shaft using magnetostrictive sensors (MsS). The monitoring and detection system has specially configured magnetostrictive signal detectors that include inductive pick-up coils, in which signals corresponding to localized shaft torques are induced. The basic system sensor utilizes either a permanent DC bias magnet positioned adjacent the rotating shaft or applies a residual magnetic field to the shaft. The techniques described in conjunction with the system are particularly advantageous for on-line monitoring of loaded rotating shafts that are integral parts of power trains, by providing a low-cost and a long-term sensor for acquiring dynamic data of the shaft portion of the machinery system being monitored and/or controlled.

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Hegeon Kwun; Gary L. Burkhardt; Cecil M. Teller