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Measurement of Torsional Dynamics of Rotating Shafts Using Magnetostrictive Sensors: 7,131,339


A device and method for the non-contact measurement of dynamic torsion in a rotating shaft using magnetostrictive sensors (MsS). The monitoring and detection system have specially configured magnetostrictive signal detectors that include inductive pickup coils, in which signals corresponding to localized shaft torques are induced. The non-contact method for measuring dynamic torques includes fixing a ferromagnetic strip to a ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic shaft and inducing a circumferential residual magnetization therein. An MsS in the form of either an encircling coil positioned around the shaft on a cylindrical substrate, or a partially encircling coil positioned on a flexible substrate and wrapped partially about the shaft.

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Hegeon Kwun; Sang-Young Kim