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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
11,319,849 05/03/2022 Technologies for Producing Exhaust Gas with Controlled Hydrocarbon Speciation

Cary A. Henry; Cynthia Chaffin Webb; Scott T. Eakle

11,338,455 05/24/2022 Adaptive Dress Pack Manager for Robotic Arm

Cody Eli Bressler; Cody Michael Porter; Branson Patrick Brockschmidt

11,346,771 05/31/2022 Seamless Integrating Cavity of Monolithic Fumed Silica

Thomas Moore; Kurt D. Retherford; Charity Phillips-Lander

11,346,809 05/31/2022 Magnetostrictive Testing with Wireless Transmitter(s) and Remote Receiver(s)

Sergey A. Vinogradov; Jonathan Bartlett; Clinton Thwing

11,384,939 07/12/2022 Air-Fuel Micromix Injector Having Multibank Ports for Adaptive Cooling of High Temperature Combustor

Shane B. Coogan; Klaus Brun

11,391,190 07/19/2022 Combined Catalyst Precursor/Surfactant Mixture for Reductant Urea Solution for Selective Catalytic Reduction

Ryan Christian Hartley