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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
10,235,829 03/19/2019 Sensor Data Confidence Estimation Based on Statistical Analysis

Stephan J. Lemmer; David R. Chambers

10,233,809 03/19/2019 Apparatus and Methods for Exhaust Gas Recirculation for an Internal Combustion Engine

Cary A. Henry

10,232,090 03/19/2019 Electrophoretically Deposited Strontium Fluoride Nanoparticle/Polymer Coatings for Medical Implants

Benjamin R. Furman; Stephen T. Wellinghoff

10,215,322 02/26/2019 Removable Oil Pipeline Branch Plug

Matthew W. James; Amanda Kaiser

10,209,293 02/19/2019 Sensor to Monitor Health of Metal Oxide Arresters

Andrew John Phillips; Christiaan Engelbrecht; Robert Carlton Lynch; J. Mark Major

10,199,711 02/05/2019 Deployable Reflector Antenna

Christopher K. Walker; Ira Steve Smith Jr.

10,190,717 01/29/2019 Pulsation Damping for Damping Pulsations Upstream of a Gas Flow Meter

Craig M. Wall; Peter M. Lee; Nicholas J. Mueschke

10,190,543 01/29/2019 Method of Operating Internal Combustion Engine Having Increased Rich Limit for Dedicated EGR Cylinder

Cary A. Henry

10,181,181 01/15/2019 Denoising with Three Dimensional Fourier Transform for Three Dimensional Images, Including Image Sequences

Craig E. DeForest

10,161,283 12/25/2018 Urea Deposit Detection For Use With SCR Emissions Control System

Scott Eakle; Cary Henry; Phillip Weber