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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
10,316,970 06/11/2019 TI---SI---C---N Piston Ring Coatings

Jianliang Lin; Ronghua Wei; Peter Mark Lee; Daniel Christopher Bitsis, Jr.

10,310,091 06/04/2019 GPS-Based Time Stamp System

Gerardo Trevino; Ben A. Abbott

10,277,520 04/30/2019 Packet Transfer Buffer for Computer System with Multiple Source and Destination Interfaces

Mark A. Johnson

10,267,224 04/23/2019 Internal Combustion Test Engine with System and Method for Adjusting Cylinder Offset

Riccardo Meldolesi; Roy Granville

10,267,196 04/23/2019 Treatment of Reductant Urea Solutions with Catalyst Precursors to Assist Selective Catalytic Reduction

Ryan C. Hartley; Gordon J.J. Bartley

10,267,603 04/23/2019 Off-Axis Annular Precision Initiation Charge

Andrew J. Marshall; Thad C. Smith; Carl E. Weiss; Joseph M. Herring

10,266,774 04/23/2019 Feedstock Conversion to Fuel on High Pressure Circulating Fluidized Bed

Eloy Flores, III; Monica Medrano; Hsiang Y. Lai; Michael P. Hartmann

10,246,347 04/02/2019 Biochar Treatment of Contaminated Water

Maoqi Feng

10,243,580 03/26/2019 Digital to Analog Converter with Iterative Stepping to Each Output Value

Mark A. Johnson

10,233,809 03/19/2019 Apparatus and Methods for Exhaust Gas Recirculation for an Internal Combustion Engine

Cary A. Henry