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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
8,240,330 08/13/2012 Squeeze Film Damper Valve for Compressor Cylinders

James J. Moore; Timothy C. Allison; Andrew H. Lerche

10,774,715 09/15/2020 Stabilization of Aqueous Urea Solutions Containing Organometallic Catalyst Precursors

Ryan C. Hartley; Cary A. Henry

5,543,447 08/05/1996 Stabilization of Red Amorphous Phosphorous By Ordered Polymeric Structures for the Manufacture of Non-Imissive Fire Retardant Plastics

Michael A. Miller; Scott F. Timmons; Darren E. Barlow

4,543,930 09/30/1985 Staged Direct Injection Diesel Engine

Quentin A. Baker

5,119,780 06/08/1992 Staged Direct Injection Diesel Engine

Susumu Ariga

9,518,516 12/13/2016 State-Based Diesel Fueling for Improved Transient Response in Dual-Fuel Engine

Ryan C. Roecker; Jayant V. Sarlashkar; David P. Branyon; Timothy J. Callaghan

5,947,063 09/06/1999 Stoichiometric Synthesis, Exhaust, and Natural-Gas Combustion Engine

Jack A. Smith; Daniel J. Podnar; James J. Cole; John T. Kubesh; Gordon J. Bartley

3,289,135 11/28/1966 Strain Gauges

Eugene L. Anderson; Leonard U. Rastrelli

9,660,299 05/23/2017 Strain Measurement Based Battery Testing

Jeff Qiang Xu; Joe Steiber; Craig M. Wall; Robert Smith; Cheuk Ng

3,425,399 02/03/1969 Stratified Charge Gas Engine

Raymond G. Ward; Julius E. Witzky