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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
3,950,659 04/12/1976 Method of Producing Transducers with Phase, Area & Depth Controlled Polarization

Norman E. Dixon; William D. Jolly

3,939,477 02/16/1976 Quadrupole Adcock Direction Finder & Antenna Therefor

Terence C. Green; William G. Guion; Douglas N. Travers; William M. Sherrill

3,924,897 12/08/1975 Earth Ripper Employing Repetitive Explosions

John W. Colburn, Jr.; Charles D. Wood; Ronald J. Mathis

3,921,533 11/24/1975 Wheel Assembly for a Vehicle Moving through a Tubular Conduit

Freddy R. Szenasi; Richard M. Baldwin

3,918,944 11/10/1975 Lead Trap

Martin B. Treuhaft; Charles D. Wood

3,918,937 11/10/1975 Particulated Lead Trap System

John C. Holloway; Herbert W. Barch; Martin B. Treuhaft; Charles D. Wood

3,915,381 10/27/1975 Method & Apparatus for Applying Particulate Coating Material to a Work Piece

Rosser B. Melton; John M. Clark; Ronald Mathis; William D. Weatherford; Charles D. Wood

3,913,015 10/13/1975 Tuned Current Probe

Edwin L. Bronaugh; Roger A. Southwick

3,910,494 10/06/1975 Valveless Combustion Apparatus

Rosser B. Melton, Jr.

3,910,112 10/06/1975 Flow Meter

C. Richard Gerlach