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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
9,245,163 01/25/2016 Optical Velocity Tracking for Paint Spray Gun

Clinton J. Thwing; Jonathan D. Bartlett; Erika C. Laiche; David L. Jones

9,276,293 02/29/2016 Dynamic Formation Protocol for Lithium-Ion Battery

Jeff Q. Xu

9,279,361 03/07/2016 Piston Bowl with Spray Jet Targets

Rainer J. Rothbauer; Charles E. Roberts Jr.

9,309,804 04/11/2016 Dual Path (Low Pressure Loop and High Pressure Loop) EGR for Improved Air Boosting Efficiency

Christopher J. Chadwell; Terrence F. Alger II; Shinhyuk Joo

9,465,011 10/11/2016 Flexible Magnetostrictive Probe Having Sensor Elements Without Permanent Magnets

Sergey A. Vinogradov;
Hegeon Kwun;
Darryl L. Wagar

9,470,514 10/18/2016 System and Method for Using Laser Scan Micrometer to Measure Surface Changes on Non-Concave Surfaces

Eric Liu; Sean C. Mitchem; Kerry J. McCubbin

9,470,620 10/18/2016 Insulator Inspection Apparatus and Method

Andrew John Phillips; Timothy Scott Shaw; Kristopher C. Kozak; Jerry A. Towler

9,488,678 11/08/2016 Apparatus and Method for Measuring Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GIC) in High Voltage Transmission Conductors

Andrew J. Phillips; Richard Lordan; J. M. Major

9,500,626 11/22/2016 Methods and Devices for Long Term Structurcal Health Monitoring of Pipelines and Vessels

Sergey A. Vinogradov; Matthew L. Capps

9,512,871 12/06/2016 Variable Area Journal Bearing

Charles E. Roberts Jr.