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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
1,793 04/05/1999 Thermal Transient Test Thermal Transient Test System

R.H. Peterson; K.S. Pickens

2,116 04/04/2005 Method for Detecting, Locating and Characterizing Single and Multiple Fluid-Filled Fractures in Fractured Formations

Jorge Octavio Parra; Pei-Cheng Xu

31,575 04/30/1984 Sulfur Compounds and Method of Making Dame

Allen C. Ludwig; John M. Dale; Henry F. Frazier

37,718 05/27/2002 Ion Beam Modification of Bioactive Ceramics to Accelerate Biointegration of Said Ceramics

Cheryl Blanchard; Geoffrey Dearnaley; James Lankford, Jr.

40,129 03/03/2008 Wide Bandwidth Multi-Mode Antenna

Thomas J. Warnagiris

40,515 09/22/2008 Method and Apparatus for Inspecting Pipelines from an In-Line Inspection Vehicle Using Magnetostrictive Probes

Hegeon Kwun; Sang-Young Kim

2,535,099 12/25/1950 Brush Puller

Thomas Slick

2,686,420 10/10/1955 Method of Erecting Buildings

Philip N. Youtz

2,715,013 08/08/1955 Apparatus For Erecting a Building

Thomas B. Slick

2,834,166 05/12/1958 Packaging Machine

Joseph W. Fogwell; Herbert Hoffman; William Oakey; Willis L. Donaldson