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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
4,498,231 02/11/1985 Thin Film Strain Transducer

James L. Rand

4,497,209 02/04/1985 Nondestructive Testing of Stress in a Ferromagnetic Structural Material Utilizing Magnetically Induced Velocity Change Measurements

Hegeon Kwun; Cecil M. Teller

4,494,065 01/14/1985 Electric Capacity Measurement of Erratically Shorted Capacitors

Harvey S. Benson;

4,475,953 10/08/1984 Emulsion and Method of Making Same

Allen C. Ludwig; Larry W. Wolter; Henry F. Frazier

4,475,168 10/01/1984 Performance Indicator for Compressor Analogs

Morton E. Brown

4,467,283 08/20/1984 Electrical Geophysical Exploration System with Addressable Current Probes

Thomas E. Owen; Glenn T. Darilek; Wendell R. Peters; Edward L. Bryan

4,451,178 05/28/1984 Method for Dispersing or Arresting Lava Flow

Wilfred E. Baker; Joseph Sperrozza; James C.C. Liu

31,575 04/30/1984 Sulfur Compounds and Method of Making Dame

Allen C. Ludwig; John M. Dale; Henry F. Frazier

4,439,249 03/26/1984 Automated Cutting of Plate Steel

Gurvinder P. Singh; William D. Jolly

4,435,984 03/12/1984 Ultrasonic Multiple-Beam Technique for Detecting Cracks in Bimetallic or Coarse-Grained Materials

George J. Gruber