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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
4,431,447 02/13/1984 Corrosion Resistant Weld Overlay Cladding Alloy & Weld Deposit

Wilbur R. Schick

4,429,371 01/30/1984 Relative Horsepower Indicator

Morton E. Brown

4,425,808 01/16/1984 Thin Film Strain Transducer

James L. Rand

4,424,867 01/09/1984 Heat Hardening Sealant-Gel for Flexible Couplings

William A. Mallow

4,424,571 01/02/1984 Reciprocating Compressor Analog

Carl E. Edlund

4,419,735 12/05/1983 Signal Source for Compressor Analog

Morton E. Brown

4,419,624 12/05/1983 Apparatus for Phase Measurement

Morton E. Brown

4,417,164 11/21/1983 Mechanical Valve Analog

Carl E. Edlund

4,416,229 11/21/1983 Fuel Injector for Diesel Engines

Charles D. Wood

4,414,227 11/07/1983 Method for Repelling Birds, Especially Woodpeckers

E.E. Dean; Leon M. Adams