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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
4,409,899 10/17/1983 Acoustic Amplitude-Doppler Target Ranging System

Samuel J. Tomlinson, Sr

4,408,533 10/10/1983 Acoustic Amplitude-Threshold Target Ranging System

Thomas E. Owen; Sidney A. Suhler; Wendell R. Peters

4,408,160 10/03/1983 Acoustic Barkhausen Stress Detector Apparatus & Method

James D. King; Gary L. Burkhardt; George A. Matzkanin; John R. Barton

4,406,706 09/26/1983 Yellow Colorant Composition and Paints Utilizing the Same

John M. Dale

4,406,500 09/26/1983 Cutting Assembly Including Expanding Wall Segments of Auger

Martin B. Treuhaft; Michael S. Oser

4,404,646 09/12/1983 Piping Network Analog Apparatus

Carl E. Edlund; Cecil R. Sparks

4,403,576 09/12/1983 Fuel System for and a Method of Operating a Spark-Ignited Internal Combustion Engine

Edward Dimitroff; John A. Vitkovits

4,400,036 08/22/1983 Corner-Cutting Mining Assembly

John A. Bradley

4,390,828 06/27/1983 Battery Charger Circuit

Merle E. Converse; Glenn T. Darilek

4,387,376 06/06/1983 Phase Linear Interferometer System and Method

William M. Sherrill; Douglas N. Travers; Paul E. Martin