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Method & Apparatus for Communicating with People: 4,074,444


A method and apparatus for communicating with people who are both deaf and blind is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a keyboard controlled electromechanical hand. The electromechanical hand is programmed to form the letters of the standard one-hand manual alphabet through the use of an electronic buffer between the electric typewriter and the electromechanical hand. The buffer converts the electric typewriter code into separate control signals for each letter of the alphabet. Next, the buffer uses the alphabet control signals to move the hand in a manner simulating the one-hand manual alphabet code. Deaf and/or deaf and blind people feel the configurations of the electromechanical hand and are able to identify the letters. This provides an effective means of communication by persons who do not know the one-hand manual alphabet with people who are deaf and blind.

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Charles J. Laenger, Sr.; Sam R. McFarland; Harry H. Peel