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Method for Dispersing or Arresting Lava Flow: 4,451,178


The method of diverting a lava flow including the steps of positioning for illing a vessel, explosive under high temperature and pressure, at least partially filling the vessel with a nonflammable composition, stable at normal temperature and convertible to gas under high temperature allowing room within the vessel for expansion of the composition if frozen, tightly sealing the vessel to prevent loss of the composition, positioning in a volcanic region in the normal expected path of a lava flow in a specific area, which will cause the lava flow to be diverted from certain geographic locations upon explosion of the vessel, whereby when a lava flow occurs in the volcanic region and flows over the vessel, the vessel will heat up to temperatures in excess of F. causing the composition to be converted into gas and the vessel to gradually pressurize as heat builds up and subsequently to explode at a desired temperature and pressure thereby causing sufficient explosive force so as to divert the lava flow into a new channel.

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Wilfred E. Baker; Joseph Sperrozza; James C.C. Liu