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Method for Drive Cycle Simulation Using Non-engine Based Test System: 7,299,137


A method for simulating at least one drive cycle of a vehicle using a non-engine based test system, the method including providing a non-engine based test system including a combustor in fluid communication with a catalytic converter from the vehicle; supplying fuel and air to said combustor at an air to fuel ratio (AFR) and under conditions effective to produce a feedstream flowpath; substantially stoichiometrically combusting at least a portion of the fuel in the feedstream flowpath under conditions effective to simulate at least one drive cycle of the vehicle and to produce a simulated drive cycle exhaust product for the vehicle, the conditions being effective to prevent substantial damage to the combustor; and, collecting and analyzing the simulated drive cycle exhaust product.

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Gordon J. Bartley; Andy M. Anderson; Cynthia C. Webb; Bruce B. Bykowski