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Method of Inserting an Expandable Intervertebral Implant without Overdistraction: 8,753,398


A method of inserting an expandable intervertebral implant between vertebrae of a human spine without overdistraction of the vertebrae is described. The method includes removing a portion of a disc between the vertebrae to create a disc space between the vertebrae. The unexpanded intervertebral implant may be positioned in the disc space. The intervertebral implant may be expanded to increase a height of the intervertebral implant, thereby increasing a separation distance between the vertebrae or a separation distance between an upper body and a lower body of the intervertebral implant. The increased height of the intervertebral implant may be maintained at substantially the expanded height, wherein the maximum separation distance between the two vertebrae during the procedure is the separation distance created during expansion of the intervertebral implant.

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Charles R. Gordon; Corey T. Harbold; Heather S. Hanson