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Method of Wire Harness Assembly System: 5,537,741


A method and apparatus for making wire harness. The apparatus includes the use of a sequential wire processor that serially and sequentially fabricates circuits having terminal ends. The terminated circuits are transferred by a transfer means to an upstanding carousel provided with arrays of circuit-receiving clips. The transfer means receives terminated circuits from the sequential wire processor and places them on the clips of the carousel. The carousel is then moved to an assembly line and robotic station where robots remove the circuits from the clips of the carousel and place the terminated ends of the circuits in cavities of connectors strategically located on the assembly line. The robots have end effectors that physically insert the terminal ends into the connector cavities.

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Eric C. Peterson; Alex H. Damalas; Glynn R. Bartlett; Steven B. Farmer; Leslie B. Hoffman; Tak Kameoka; Horace H. Wacaser; Paul B. Wood