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Microencapsulated Ant Bait: 4,874,611


A method of manufacture and the product made thereby are set forth; in the preferred and illustrated embodiment, a core including an insect poison is encapsulated by shell material melting and hardening for encapsulation. The core is primarily soybean extract mixed with DURSBAN.RTM. insecticide, an example of a toxicant. The surrounding shell or encapsulation is formed by melt extrusion of shell material. The surrounding shell encloses the core material to form an impervious shell. The surrounding shell includes soy protein as an insect attractant mixed in gelatin or poly(vinyl alcohol). A gelling agent such as carrageenan and the attractant were added to the shell. The beads formed by the melt extrusion encapsulation has sufficient shell strength to enable mechanical handling for dispensing, are resistant to water, do not bleed from the inside to the outside, and yet can be penetrated by the insect.

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Wilfred W. Wilson; C. Polemenakos; J. Larry Potter; Donald J. Mangold; William W. Harlowe; Herman W. Schlameus