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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
10,120,035 11/11/2020 Monitoring and Control of Electrochemical Cell Degradation Via Strain Based Battery Testing

Joe Steiber; Jeff Qiang Xu

10,690,045 06/23/2020 Intake Air Boost System for Two-Cycle Engine Having Roots Blowers

John C. Hedrick; Steven G. Fritz; Randy R. McDonnell

10,671,093 06/02/2020 Azimuthal Pointing System for Scientific Ballooning

Craig E. DeForest; Glenn T. Laurent; Jedediah H. Diller

10,662,766 05/26/2020 Sealing Device Test Systems and Methods

Nigil Satish Jeyashekar; Peter Mark Lee

10,617,832 04/14/2020 High Precision, Low Dose Atomizer

Barrett Wade Mangold; Terrence Francis Alger II; Albert M. Zwiener

9,926,467 03/27/2020 Superhydrophobic Compositions and Coating Process for the Internal Surface of Tubular Structures

Michael A. Miller; Ronghua Wei; Gregory J. Hatton

10,584,665 03/10/2020 Internal Combustion, Dedicated Exhaust Gas Recirculation Engine

Raphael Gukelberger; Garrett L. Anderson

10,563,625 02/18/2020 Internal Combustion Engine Having Dedicated EGR Cylinder(s) and Start-Stop Operation

Raphael Gukelberger; Garrett Anderson

10,495,035 12/03/2019 Dedicated Exhaust Gas Recirculation Configuration for Reduced EGR and Fresh Air Backflow

Raphael Gukelberger; Steven H. Almaraz

10,465,636 11/05/2019 Internal Combustion Engine Having Dedicated EGR Cylinder(s) with Delayed Fuel Injection

Raphael Gukelberger; Bradley Denton