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Microwave Enhanced Combustion with Dynamic Frequency, Power, and Timing Control and with Power Sensor for Power Feedback: 10,465,618


A system and method for generating microwaves for microwave enhanced combustion (MEC) input to an MEC antenna of an internal combustion engine. The system uses a directional coupler to deliver the MEC input signal to the MEC antenna and to receive a reflected power signal from the MEC antenna. A first feedback path determines a desired frequency, based on the reflected power and using an impedance-matching controller that matches the reflected power to a desired frequency value. A second feedback path determines a power correction term. An open loop path determines a feedforward power term, as well as timing, for the MEC input signal, based on various engine conditions. The feedforward power term is corrected with the power correction term. 

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Yilun Luo; Scott R. Hotz; Terrence F. Alger; Christopher J. Chadwell