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Multi-Disk Spinning Assembly for Atomization and Encapsulation with Spacing Disks for ADjusting Exit Gap: 10,695,733


A multi-disk spinning disk assembly for atomization and encapsulation applications. A number of patterned disks are stacked to form a disk stack having a feed well in the center core of the stack. Each patterned disk has channels defined by spacers, with the channels and spacers being of varying depths, heights, and/or widths. The fluid to be atomized or encapsulated is delivered to the feed well. The fluid then flows into the channels, which communicate the fluid toward the outer edges of the disks. The fluid exits the disk stack from a circumferential gap, which is created by interposing spacing disks between the patterned disks. 

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Albert M. Zwiener; Darren E. Barlow; Mark R. Heistand; George T. Lamberson; Jeffrey N. Harris