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Multi-Zone Combustion Chamber and Method for Combustion Control in Compression-Ignited Reciprocating Engines: 6,557,520


A multizone combustion chamber and method of combustion in a compression-ignited reciprocating engine. The combustion chamber includes a cylinder, a cylinder head located at one end of the cylinder, a piston that reciprocates in the cylinder, an inlet that supplies a gas into the combustion chamber during an induction stroke of the piston, and an injector that supplies a fuel into the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber defines a primary chamber and at least a secondary chamber when the piston is located in a predetermined position near the cylinder head. Combustion is initiated in the primary chamber while preventing combustion from occurring in the secondary chamber. Combustion in the secondary chamber is delayed until after the piston and the cylinder head have been separated and thermodynamic communication between the fuel/gas mass in the primary chamber and the fuel/gas mass in the secondary chamber is possible.

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Charles E. Roberts Jr.