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Multiple Wavelength Laser System: 8,724,671


A system for generating multiple simultaneous laser wavelengths, said system comprising: a pulsed slave laser comprising a non-linear electro-optic crystal optically coupled to a lasing crystal in a ring cavity configuration, said non-linear electro-optic crystal configured to adjust an optical path length of said ring cavity in response to an applied voltage potential; an energy pump configured to initiate a pulse cycle in said pulsed slave laser in response to a trigger; a cavity control circuit configured to apply said voltage potential to said non-linear electro-optic crystal to generate a cavity resonance condition associated with said adjusted optical path length, said cavity control circuit further configured to provide said trigger to said energy pump in response to a detection of said cavity resonance condition; and one or more seed lasers configured to inject a single frequency laser beam into said pulsed slave laser.

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Thomas Z. Moore