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Noninvasive Reflectance Oximeter: 4,796,636


A noninvasive optical oximeter for measuring oxygen saturation of arterial blood. A sample of blood is illuminated with light at two different wavelengths. Light reflected by the blood is sensed by a photodetector and an output signal is created in response thereto. The output signal is processed to form a quotient representing the AC components of the reflected light at each wavelength. The oxygen saturation of the blood is calculated by correlating this quotient with an oxygen saturation reference curve uniquely representative of the blood oxygen saturation characteristics of a particular individual. The reference curve used in the preferred embodiment of the invention is calibrated in a two-step process which minimizes the effects of calibration errors. A first oxygen saturation reference curve is calculated which is based on a linear relationship between the ratio of the AC components of the reflected light. This curve is then used to calibrate a second reference curve based on a linear ratio of the squared values of the AC components of the reflected light. Once the second reference curve has been properly calibrated, it is used for all subsequent measurements of oxygen saturation.

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Ronald L. Branstetter; Reuben W. Edgar