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Passive Means for Single Site Radio Location: 5,444,451


The invention described herein relates generally to the field of direction finding and source location. The invention has broad application in areas requiring superresolution spectral analysis. The invention described in the context of any array processing problem in which the location of a transmitter is to be determined at a single receiving site based on passive measurements of the propagation waveform. The invention exploits the information received by a pair of sensors to extract intersensor delay and interpath delay times in the presence of multipath propagation. Two sensors are used in order to normalize the effects of signal modulation. Combining the sensor pairs in groups, the direction-of-arrival may be determined for each signal from the intersensor delay times thus derived. The invention additionally provides for the estimation of transmitter location by using the intersensor and interpath delay times. The invention is applicable in the context of array data processing to a number of areas including sonar, broadcast, communication, radar and satellite signal formats.

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Richard L. Johnson; Robert Q. Black; Allan G. Sonsteby