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Pneumatic Seasoning System: 7,827,929


A pneumatic seasoning system and method utilizing a rotating drum for seasoning, a funnel-fed pneumatic eductor, line splitters, and a plurality of specially-designed swirl-inducing nozzle spools for inducing a broad and even seasoning plume. In a preferred embodiment, a pneumatic seasoning system transports seasoning from a seasoning hopper to food items within a rotating drum using a combination of an eductor and four in-line vacuum generators, which vacuum generators operate on compressed air. Each vacuum generator comprises a distributing nozzle roughly shaped like a collared spool, wherein compressed air is supplied to the annular region defined between the spool and its collar, and said compressed air exits through swirl ports distributed about the circumference of the spool exit. Each swirl port preferably has a pitch angle of and a yaw angle of

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Wayne Garrison; Ross D. Samuels; Glynn R. Bartlett