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Precursor Polymers to Refractory Metal Carbides and Metal Borides: 6,395,840


The present invention provides a method for producing precursor polymers which decompose to a substantially pure refractory metal carbide or refractory metal boride. The method comprises mixing a transition metal compound with either (a) an organometallic, or (b) a backbone polymer comprising a plurality of unsaturated carbon-carbon bonds. The mixing occurs under conditions effective to form organo-transition metal complexes The organometallic (a), comprises either a borane, a carborane, or an organometallic comprising a metal and at least one unsaturated carbon-carbon bond. When an organometallic (a) is used, the transition metal complexes must be polymerized to form the precursor polymers. When a backbone polymer (b) is used, the transition metal complexes, themselves, comprise the precursor polymers. The refractory metal carbides or metal borides formed upon

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Partha P. Paul; Stuart T. Schwab