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Rapid Deployment Countermeasure System and Method: 6,279,449


A rapid deployment countermeasure system comprises a base attached to a plurality of tubes which are in fluid communication with at least one deployment module. A guidance bar is attached to the top ends of the tubes, and a guidance shroud is proximate to the outer surfaces of the tubes. The system includes one or more anti-ballistic blankets fixedly attached to the guidance bar, and is erected to form an anti-ballistic barrier upon activation of the deployment modules. A method to reactively protect personnel from the approach of a ballistic projectile by deployment of a countermeasure system prior to arrival of the projectile at the location of the personnel comprises the steps of detecting the approach of the ballistic projectile, discriminating the presence of the ballistic projectile with respect to other moving objects or electronic noise, and activating the countermeasure system in response to discriminating the presence of the ballistic projectile so as to interpose an anti-ballistic barrier between the personnel and the projectile.

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Michael D. Ladika; Geoffrey Dearnaley