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Removal of Drag Reducer Additive from Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuel Using Attapulgus Clay: 7,261,747


The present application provides a method for removing drag reducer additive ("DRA") from liquid hydrocarbon fuel. The method comprises: providing contaminated liquid hydrocarbon fuel comprising an initial concentration of DRA; contacting the contaminated liquid hydrocarbon fuel with a quantity of fresh attapulgus clay under conditions effective to produce decontaminated liquid hydrocarbon fuel comprising a reduced concentration of the DRA; said fresh attapulgus clay being effective to remove about 10% or more of a target DRA when 1 g of the fresh attapulgus clay is added in increments of from about 0.02 gram to about 0.1 gram, with agitation, to 100 ml. of contaminated liquid hydrocarbon fuel comprising from about 8 to about 9 ppm of the unsheared target DRA.

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John A. Waynick