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Retainer Apparatus for Movement of Articles: 11,667,042


A retainer apparatus configured to releasably retain an article, comprising a face plate member each having a front face, a plurality of vacuum cups and a plurality of support pins each extending distally relative to the front face, respectively, wherein the vacuum cups and the support pins are laterally spaced from one another, wherein the plurality of vacuum cups retain the article to the retainer apparatus in a presence of vacuum, wherein the plurality of support pins are extendable/retractable relative to the face plate member, wherein each of the support pins have a longitudinal axis, respectively, and are configured to contact the article to support the article against movement along the longitudinal axis and support the article against movement transverse to the longitudinal axis, and a locking mechanism configured to inhibit the support pins from being retractable and extendable when the locking mechanism is engaged.

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Maximilian Dinsdale Anderton; Cody Michael Porter; Branson Patrick Brockschmidt; Cody Eli Bressler; Thomas E. Lyons, Jr