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Selective Ether Cleavage Synthesis of Liquid Crystals: 7,147,800


A method for making platform molecules comprising: reacting 4-alkoxy benzoyl chloride with R.sup.2-hydroquinone under first conditions effective to produce bis 1,4[4-alkoxy-benzoyloxy]-R.sup.2-phenylene comprising bis terminal alkoxy groups wherein R.sup.2 is a bulky organic group; and, subjecting the bis 1,4[4-alkoxy-benzoyloxy]-R.sup.2-phenylene to second conditions effective to selectively cleave the bis terminal alkoxy groups to produce a solution comprising complexes comprising diphenolic platform molecules comprising bis terminal hydroxyl groups, the second conditions also being effective to precipitate the complexes out of the solution.

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Stephen T. Wellinghoff, Douglas P. Hanson