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Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction For NOx Removal: 8,815,193


A selective non-catalytic reduction apparatus for exhaust gases comprising a reactor for elevated temperature reduction of NOx comprising an injection zone, internal structure zone and rear zone. The internal structure zone includes packing materials and provides a surface area of 5.0 m.sup.2/g to 20 m.sup.2/g where the packing material is present in the reactor at a level of 10% to 50% of the reactor volume. The reactor provides one or more of the following: (1) a residence time for exhaust gas of 0.1 seconds to 5.0 seconds; (2) a pressure drop of less than or equal to 1400 Pa/m at an exhaust gas velocity of 1.0 meter/second.

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Maoqi Feng; Rijing Zhan; Jeffrey N. Harris