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Solid Body Piezoelectric Bender Transducer: 5,225,731


A piezoelectric transducer having a solid body with electrode strips either attached to the body or embedded within it. The electrodes are electrically isolated from each other on the body of the transducer and are arranged in a pattern so that they may be selectively connected to a voltage source to produce electromechanical forces within the body, thereby causing associated vibrations of the body. Initially, the electrode strips are used to polarize the transducer. During operation of the transducer as a vibration source, the electrode strips are used to connect an applied voltage having a polarity opposite to that of the polarizing voltage on one face of the body. The transducer is especially useful for producing flexural vibrations, but a number of other vibration modes of operation are possible. The transducer is operable either as a vibration source or as a sensor.

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Thomas E. Owen