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State-Based Diesel Fueling for Improved Transient Response in Dual-Fuel Engine: 9,518,516


A method, used with dual-fuel engine, of controlling the amount of diesel fuel delivered to the engine. The method compensates for the poor transient response of gaseous fueling. A controller receives a signal from the operator of the engine representing a desired torque, and based on this signal, determines a desired intake manifold state. It generates commands to various actuators to control the intake air and the intake gaseous fuel such that the desired intake manifold state will occur. The controller also receives sensor data from which the current in-cylinder state can be measured or estimated. It determines a current amount of diesel fuel based on the desired torque, the engine speed and the current in-cylinder state, and generates a diesel fueling command. 

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Ryan C. Roecker; Jayant V. Sarlashkar; David P. Branyon; Timothy J. Callaghan