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Surface Ignition Mechanism for Diesel Engines: 7,753,025


The present disclosure relates to combusting fuel during cold start. A glow-plug may be provided within a combustion chamber having a volume including a piston, wherein the glow plug may provide a localized heated region. Air may then be provided into the chamber and compressed. A mass of fuel may also be provided into the combustion chamber, wherein an amount of the fuel mass may be directed towards the localized heated region of the glow plug, wherein the heated region of the glow plug may have a temperature T.sub.1, and the equivalence ratio of the fuel in the heated region achieves a value that the temperature T.sub.1 provides auto-ignition. All or a portion of the mass of fuel directed towards the heated region of said glow plug may be ignited, and then the remainder of the fuel may be ignited by auto-ignition and/or flame propagation.

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Shizuo Sasaki; Gary D.Neely